Musical Instruments Videography

Need help filming a corporate video to engage your staff? Need a commercial to launch a ground-breaking product? An instructional video that not just informs but entertains? You name it, we’ve done it all – from big brand commercials to original dramas and web-series – and we do it pretty well, too.

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    What’s Included?

    What's Included In Our
    Videography Services?

    MIDAS Academy has been in the business of professional and personalized video production, for salespersons, the self-employed and other small business with a key focus in real estate.
    We have well versed experienced in-house videographers & editors. We do have the required expertise, equipment, time or a large budget to properly conceptualize, shoot & edit videos for your business’s online presences.

    Videography: Musical Instrument

    At MIDAS Academy. We do offer videography services for playing musical instruments such as piano, guitar, cello, violin for ABRSM exams & for personal promotional use too for both children and adults.

    Typically artists already have a general idea of the type of visuals that they want in their music video but some are willing to leave it to the production studio to write the script, direct the filming, and develop the concept.

    The venue can make or break a music video. If you want an exotic look or even many different looks, the venues can quickly affect the remaining budget. Both clients’ venue & our studios can be used for the shoot.

    • Explorer Package – $300 :

      -Up to 2hrs shoot
      -Choose 1 location (Indoor or Outdoor)
      -Written Video Script line
      -10 Still Frames
      -3-5 BTS Photos
      -1 Version

    • Visionary Package – $500:

      -Up to 5hrs shoot
      -2 Shooting Locations (Indoor or Outdoor)
      -Written video script
      -15 Still Frames
      -5-8 BTS Photos
      -Shorter 30 sec version

    • Pioneer Package – $900:

      -Up to 7hrs shoot
      -2 shooting Locations (Indoor or Outdoor)
      -Written Video Script
      -20 still frames
      -10-15 BTS Photos
      -30 & 60 Sec versions